In four years I have grown my real estate business from zero to overshadow my day job salary as an IT pro, while still keeping my day job.

Discover How To:

  • Identify target market
  • Obtain financing at favorable terms
  • Efficiently manage properties
  • Market rentals to maximize income
  • Employ smart tax strategies
  • Streamline bookkeeping

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Concepts, Guidelines, and Step-by-Step How-To’s

Leveraging his deep experience as an information-technology professional, Alik presents a very logical step-by-step “user manual” for buying and renting out single-family homes. Whether you intend to keep it at one income property or build an empire of rentals, you’ll learn exactly what to do and the best path to achieve your goals.

Meet the Author

ALIK LEVIN started his venture in real estate in 2016 by buying a condo, followed by a couple of single-family homes later that year, for the purpose of renting them out. In the years since, he has continued acquiring rental properties, now generating $420,000 annually in gross rental income.

Along the journey, he relentlessly took notes, which eventually grew into the body of knowledge that shapes this book. A particularly unique and valuable part of this experience is Alik’s continuation of his full-time career as an information-technology professional while building his real estate holdings on the side. He hopes this will encourage readers not to be quick to give up their day jobs or real estate, as he proves you can truly manage both pursuits.

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If you’ve been thinking about getting into the hot real estate rental market, but weren’t sure how to do it, you now have the guide to start right away. This book is the next best thing to having Alik coaching you through the process!

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